Meneldor offers her customers the unique opportunity to invest alongside specialists, in exciting early stage up to and including phase 2 Biotech and Pharma companies. A sector often considered as very risky and highly complex. Meneldor thoroughly studies the science behind her potential portfolio companies. If the science is sound, then all other key aspects; IP, medical need, addressable markets, competition, risk, management, financial needs, valuation, etc., are assessed. Only if a target company meets our selection criteria, Meneldor will invest and invite her investors to participate.


Meneldor focuses on early stage biotech and pharma companies that (re)develop (New) Biological or Chemical Molecular Entities, that have outstanding technology with strong IP, address significant unmet medical needs and attractive markets. We are especially scouting for companies that work on relatively low risk and high growth opportunities. We mainly invest in projects which are in preclinical, Phase I or Phase II and in indications with preferably clear well defined clinical endpoints. Our geographic focus is Western Europe.


Meneldor has a very exciting pipeline. Details will be shared only under NDA. Our current holdings are:

2016: Xenikos B.V. : Developing a drug therapy in acute Graft vs Host disease to reset the immune system of the donated stem cells
2017: Atriva Therapeutics GmbH: Developing novel, broadly active host cell targeted anti-viral drugs with an excellent benefit-risk profile
2018: The Aptamer Group Ltd: Automated “synthetic anti-body” (oligonucleotide) discovery platform for the development of therapeutics and diagnostics
2019: LightOx Ltd: Developing fluorescent drugs that are capable of targeting selected cell types and killing them on illumination with light
2021: Tagworks Pharmaceuticals B.V.: Developing less toxic and more effective cancer therapies. An unique chemical click-release technology platform opening up a range of new treatment possibilities


Meneldor manages the entire investment process from selection to exit, this entails a.o. a proper Due Diligence, regular re- porting, administration, syndicate building, etc. Meneldor has an unique open, flexible, evergreen investment model, where her investors, through a Dutch Cooperative, invest directly in a company. The bundling of financial power of several investors gives Meneldor the opportunity to negotiate favourable investment terms. Meneldor’s management is approachable, and reports on major developments. Meneldor’s investors pay a management and a fair success fee. Meneldor can tailor agreements with her investors to their specific needs, has a special Share Class for Charity Organizations, and an Early Bird share class for a limited number of sizeable investors.