With her investments in new drug developments, Meneldor supports humans, and human health. As healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet in a healthy environment the Meneldor Foundation has chosen to support nature as her theme.


The Meneldor Foundation is a unique foundation that co-invests alongside Meneldor’s investments. The Meneldor Foundation does not pay a management fee, nor a success fee to Meneldor. The foundation is run by Meneldor, which also bears all costs of the foundation. The Meneldor Foundation will accept donations from investors and supporters. Meneldor’s ambition is to grow the capital of the Meneldor Foundation to a very sizeable amount. Once a certain size is reached, it will start to donate annually to projects that support nature. For this, partnerships are being established with existing organisations that have an excellent track-record in this area, so that the Meneldor Foundation can remain lean, and assure that 100% of the Meneldor Foundation’s donations go directly to the selected projects


Everywhere in the world the pressure of human activity on nature is immense and increasing every day. Good willing nature protection organisations and volunteers are up against the very powerful drivers of economic development and the desire of all humans to have better and better live styles. Fortunately, there are numerous good organizations supporting nature with smart projects, but in our opinion these organisations need to do much more to really create a change in the way we exploit the planet. Therefore, the Meneldor Foundation wishes to sustainably support these organizations. Organisations that work on nature conservation, and on initiatives to change the way we exploit our planet; for example, organisations that work on nature-inclusive economy projects.

Plan and Ambition

The Meneldor Foundation aims to have serious and sustainable impact. As a first milestone, it is the intention is to grow the capital of the Foundation through donations and investments to 10 M€. From the start Meneldor will invest in her companies and strive for creating the highest return possible, fully aligned with the interest of Meneldor and her investors. As soon as the 10 M€ milestone is reached The Meneldor Foundation will make her first donations. Here we will have to find the right balance between sustainably growing the capital of the Foundation and making donations. We will aim to donate 10% of the capital of the Foundation annually.

Governance and Rules

To keep it simple, at the start the two founders of the Meneldor Foundation and one independent chairman, will form the Board of the Meneldor Foundation. There will be clear and transparent by-laws, that will among other things stipulate, that with the growth of the capital held by the Foundation, the organisation of the Meneldor Foundation develops in line. To start, the Meneldor Foundation will only invest in Meneldor’s portfolio companies. An investment of the Meneldor Foundation should not be larger than 3x Meneldor’s own investment. Over time, when The Foundation’s capital has grown, The Foundation will develop similar co-invest arrangements with other funds.

Communication and reporting

The Meneldor Foundation will have her own up-to-date ‘tab’ on the Meneldor website, where we will report her holdings, the organizations that have been supported, and the total capital under management.